ETCH brings together experts in game design, education, psychology and public health to develop and evaluate tailored game-based interventions for health system benefit. We believe no country should be left behind when it comes to innovative communication and education tools. 


Insecticide Resistance Management

Building on LSTM's world-renowned health systems research, we aim to develop tools that improve the quality, reach and impact of public health programmes. From in-depth simulation games to support the training of public health professionals to entertaining mobile games that improve knowledge, perception and uptake of health interventions among the public.


So, you make and evaluate games, are there any I can play?

Yes! Take on resistant mosquitoes in the challenging tower defence game Resistance101 and discover the science behind insecticide resistance; or join the battle against HIV with our addictive RPG style puzzle game Battle in the Blood. 


Is it all just fun and games?

ETCH incorporates quality research into all it projects. From methods in user-led game design to ensure our games address the public health challenge and fit the needs of end users; to evaluation of feasibility and intervention impact. Check out the Projects page to discover the research behind our games.

It's not all about games for some of us. Members of the ETCH team have a long history in capacity development for disease control programmes. Our associated projects use custom built software packages (DDMS+) that enable disease control programmes to make data driven decisions to improve the quality and impact of interventions.    


I have an idea for a project, can you help?

Please contact us if you are considering using game-based communication and learning tools, we are always keen to hear about your ideas and assist in any way we can. etch@lstmed.ac.uk