Resistance 101

Splash screen Resistance 101

Resistance101 is a simple arcade style game that provides users with an interactive and engaging platform for learning the fundamental concepts of insecticide resistance. The game covers eight key learning areas, building consecutively to allow the user to gain a comprehensive and stepwise understanding of insecticide resistance. Resistance101 provides a substantive and visually exciting learning experience through the gameplay, short educational videos, and dynamic flashcards that illustrate each of the concepts covered in each learning area of the game.

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Resistance101 was originally designed as a complementary game to the insecticide resistance management simulation game, ResistanceSim. The simplicity of Resistance101 makes it versatile; it can be used as part of an insecticide resistance training offer or as a stand-alone tool. Resistance101 does not require prior knowledge of insecticide resistance making it a great introductory resource to those new to insecticide resistance, and likewise offers a fun and dynamic resource for seasoned professionals to illustrate the concepts of insecticide resistance.