ResistanceSim is a management simulation game that immerses players in a fictional sub-Saharan African country. Players control all key aspects of a vector control programme and achieve success through the use of appropriate data resources, best practices and protocols, effective communication and consistent research methodologies. Players can choose what data to collect, what interventions to deploy, and how to interact with stakeholders. They then get to see the impact of their decisions on insecticide resistance, malaria transmission, and human health.


In addition to the main simulation, ResistanceSim also includes a roadmap, which is a guided walkthrough for first-time users to help them get used to the game.  It is also packaged with Resistance101, an arcade-style game that teaches players about the biology of insecticide resistance. ResistanceSim will be officially launched in April 2018 at the Multilateral Initiative for Malaria meeting in Dakar, Senegal.

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