Battle in the Blood Championship

News article 1 Dec 2017

The World AIDs Day event in Davao was a 4 day spectacular of interpretive dance, soulful singers and inspirational speeches. A perfect setting for the BitB Championship and launch event. After 3 days of intense qualifying rounds, with over 60 contestants, our 6 finalists braced the stage for the final battle. Only the infamous level 27 stood between them and the grand prize of P10,000 and an iPad Mini.

Jhake Pallares (red shirt, center) of District 2 placed third and won P3,000 and a mobile phone.


Jeremiahs Mayor (green shirt, center) of District 2 won second place and brought home P5,000 and a mobile phone.


Michael Fernandez (blue shirt, right) took home the grand prize of P10,000, an iPad Mini and the official title of First BitB Champion!


And of course not to forget the 3 runners-up Reymar Villar, Reynante Niasca and Bernard Patrimonio, who all received consolation prizes.


All prizes provided by Smart Communications Inc.