Privilege Speech at the 18th City Council of Davao

News article 28 Nov 2017

HIV GET Tested Principal Investigator, Dr Emmanuel Baja had the great fortune of presenting Battle in the Blood to members of Davao City Council and Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte. Dr Baja was invited to speak by Councilor Mary Joselle Dilig Villafuerte on behalf of the project team.

Privilege Hour is an opportunity for Councillors to make a speech on topics they feel should be brought to the mayors' attention. Counsellors may make the speech themselves or gift the time to a representative. Dr Baja used the time he had to raise awareness of the rapidly emerging HIV epidemic among young men in Davao and across the Philippines. He described how the game had been designed through research with key populations to address barriers to HIV testing and treatment. The speech finished by promoting the BitB Championship and app store launch with a teaser trailer played on a huge screen. Davao